Case Study: Eclair Aviation

Elevating Brand Image and Empowering Luxury with Eclair Aviation


Eclair Aviation, a prestigious private jet company based in Prague, Czech Republic. The company aimed to elevate its brand image to align with its luxury services and high-end clientele. The company’s primary objective was to increase brand awareness, promote sale, and establish a prestigious market presence.

Challenges Addressed

The client faced challenges related to brand positioning and customer acceptance.

Collaboration with the production

Our collaborative journey with Eclair Aviation began with an in-depth analysis of market trends, competitive landscape, and customer preferences. The collaboration focused on creating captivating visual assets to showcase the company’s dedication to luxury and exceptional service.

Key Objectives

Brand Image and Market Positioning:

Our collaboration led to the modernisation of Eclair Aviation's brand image, aligning it with contemporary industry standards while preserving its legacy of excellence. The refreshed visuals and refined brand messaging, resonated with a diverse clientele. Positioning Eclair Aviation as a forward-thinking, customer-centric aviation partner.

Customer Experience and Service Innovation:

In our colaboration we were focused on enhancing clients competitive edge and showcasing the elevated customer journey through tailored lifestyle photography. Our collaborative efforts aimed to elevate the inside look into the overall customer journey and foster long-term loyalty.

Sustained Growth and Market Expansion:

The strategic initiatives implemented in collaboration with Eclair Aviation, through the visual storytelling derived from the lifestyle and management photoshoots, yielded a better positioning in a luxury market. Through modernized visual presence, utilization of PR and tailored service offerings, Eclair Aviation experienced a notable increase in market share and customer retention, solidifying its position as a premium aviation partner.

Industry Recognition and Strengthened Credibility:

The compelling visual narratives helped to position the company back on track. By leveraging thoughtfully curated content, industry partnerships, and strategic thought leadership initiatives, Eclair Aviation established itself as an authoritative voice in the aviation sector, driving brand visibility and credibility.

The Management Team Photoshoot

We have curated a collection of images for the management team, that exuded sophistication and attention to detail. The alignment with the brand’s luxury positioning was the crucial key. The resulting photographs were intended for PR purposes, the company website, and marketing materials, to effectively convey the desired brand image.


The captivating visuals have significantly contributed to enhancing Eclair Aviation’s market presence, and effectively promoting the sales of its premium services. The new visual assets have been strategically incorporated into the company’s marketing materials. This effort has helped to increase brand awareness and prestige, aligning with the initial goals set for the collaboration.

While specific numerical achievements may not be available, the impact of the captivating visual assets on Eclair Aviation’s brand image and market perception is evident.
The successful outcome of this collaboration exemplifies company’s dedication to providing exceptional private jet services and solidifies its position as a distinguished player in the aviation industry.

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