Commercial Studio

Advertising studio for video and photography in Prague


We try to separate ourselves from other studios in the area by providing a relaxed yet professional atmosphere with all of the amenities. The studio was originally used as an industrial space for manufacturing. Only fairly recently it has been rebuilt for commercial photography and video production needs, but the space still really works for anyone. We have a fantastic client area, hair and makeup station and a comfortably sized stage that’s perfect for fashion assignments, catalogue and product photography.

Studio Specs:


Our stage has two sets of windows, one of those almost from floor to ceiling and with a southern exposure, both with blackout capability. The stage itself is an 6,5m by 11,4m. Our wall is painted white by default and it’s unobstructed dimensions are 6m wide, 3,5m high, with a 11m approach. We are capable of an output of 200amp 3-phase power, accessible from the main building upon request.

Stage Specs:

Client area

Our client area can accommodate 5-7 people comfortably around the conference table. We have a Nintendo Switch with HD LED projector, capable of streaming a live feed from your (apple) capture station. The Harman/Kardon speakers are accessible to anyone in the studio area thru bluetooth or cable. There are two lounge areas available to clients. One of those lounges can be used as a talent and/or hair and makeup area.