Case Study: Ramen Brno

Crafting an Iconic Culinary Brand Identity


Ramen Brno, a renowned bistro located in Brno city, Czech republic. It has been a testament to successful collaboration and creative partnership. This case study delves into the journey of our collaboration with Ramen Brno. Highlighting the unique approach and the impact of our services on their brand.

Challenges Addressed

Ramen Brno aimed to establish the bistro and its brand image, in a way that it portrays high quality services, yet it remains approachable.

Collaboration Journey

Our collaboration with Ramen Brno was based on a recommendation and previous successful ventures with one of the owners. Our initial task was to create photography materials that reflected their desire for a  “polished, yet raw” visual presentation. Capturing the essence of their high-quality food and service with a touch of personality of the owners in their brand.

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Key Achievements

Brand Image & Culinary Positioning:

We crafted photography of Ramen meals, the bistro's interior, and conducted a technical photoshoot to capture complex interior art pieces. With the holistic approach in mind, we took the responsibility for website development, to enhance the online presence and accessibility. The brand identity resonated with the target audience, captivated it and conveyed the essence of Ramen Brno's culinary artistry.

Visual Content & Branding Materials:

The meticulously crafted visuals, not only showcased the restaurant's unique culinary offerings but also fostered an emotional connection with patrons. All of which helped igniting anticipation and driving heightened engagement, ultimately creating a local love brand.

Collaboration & impact:

The strategic initiatives implemented in collaboration with Ramen Brno yielded revenue growth and market expansion opportunities. The heightened brand visibility and positive reception facilitated the exploration of new market segments, contributing to the restaurant's expansion and sustained market relevance. The visual elements we created resonated with the bistro's vision and personality, aligning with their desire for a distinct and engaging presentation.

Recognition & Success:

Ramen Brno garnered significant recognition in both printed media and online platforms, elevating its status not only within the culinary scene. It was featured in a national food guide and received mentions in Forbes magazine. The culmination of culinary skills and the restaurant's enhanced visibility across digital and traditional platforms, resulted in repeat visits and customer loyalty. The brand recognition and positive word-of-mouth endorsements solidified Ramen Brno's position as a beloved culinary destination.

Advertising Campaign Photoshoot

Disruptive Advertisement:

This advertisement photoshoot featuring a bearded man savoring a steaming bowl of stunning Ramen noodles was orchestrated to distinguish Ramen Brno amidst the culinary landscape. The striking imagery aimed to evoke a sense of gastronomic allure and authenticity, setting the stage for an immersive culinary journey that disrupt the traditional dining expectations connected to everyday fast dinning.

Impactful Placement:

The compelling advertisement found its strategic placement on city back-lit (CLV) advertisement locations, strategically positioned in bustling urban hubs, main squares, and tram stations. This placement secured widespread visibility and engagement, effectively capturing the attention of food enthusiasts and urban dwellers, reinforcing Ramen Brno's distinct culinary identity within the city's vibrant culinary scene.


The story of Ramen Brno exemplifies the power of creative partnership and tailored visual representation in establishing a distinct identity within the culinary landscape. While their success is attributed to various factors such as exceptional products and services, our collaboration played a significant role in enhancing their brand visibility and resonance within the market.The partnership between our team and Ramen Brno resulted in a remarkable resurgence, establishing the brand as a trailblazer in the culinary landscape and a beloved culinary destination in Brno. All of which led to the opening of another location.The success story of Ramen Brno serves as a testament to the resonance and impact of marketing and our collaboration, setting a benchmark for similar establishments.

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